New Year’s Resolutions


We’re in the third week of 2018 and I’ve finally managed to put together my new year’s resolutions. I’m going to put it in writing here so that I can remind myself and commit to it. Here’s a to-do list/wish list for the year ahead:

  • Be more patient and accepting of the people close to me – I’m a bit strange in the sense that I’m generally nice and have patience with the people at work and my friends but less so with my family. I definitely need to work on this, because my daughter is exhibiting negative traits such as impatience, anger, etc. Similarly, I also have a habit of criticising those close to me and not showing my appreciation often enough, so I need to constantly remind myself to do the reverse.
  • Start focusing on the little one’s development – Hubby and I have been pretty blase about our daughter’s studies, sending her for classes, etc. After all, she’s only three! But recently, during a parent teacher meeting, we were told that her Chinese and Maths (we finally figured out that it’s not that she doesn’t know her numbers, but it’s that she only knows them in English!) are lagging behind her peers. So I guess we should start doing some educational activities during the weekend. Most importantly, we need to get her into a primary school. Given the competitiveness in Hong Kong, we’re already behind the curve….
  • Exercise more – This is on my new year’s resolution pretty much every year, LOL. Only managed to exercise once a week last year, aiming for at least twice a week this year and also to start doing more intensive classes like Body Combat and Body Pump.
  • Read, read and read – I definitely made progress on this in 2017 and I hope it continues this year. I signed up for a book club last year, but couldn’t find time to attend any of the sessions. I’ve already signed up for the first session this year which takes place next week. Making good progress reading the assigned book, which is Agatha Christie’s Five Little Pigs. So it’s a good start so far.
  • Get out more – Whether it’s with hubby, sister, friends or colleagues, I’d like to try to spend more time outside socialising, while still spending ample time at home with the little one. Before becoming a mum, I probably had dinners, drinks or movie/theatre nights about three times a week, but now it is down to maybe once. Would be nice to get a bit of my life back now that the little one is three.
  • Travel, of course! – This is hardly a new year’s resolution, considering that it’s always top on my wish list. So far, we’ve already planned a trip back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year and one to the UK. Will try to throw in a couple of beach holidays and a vacation with hubby.

Here’s to a great 2018!


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. A good set of resolutions.
    Don’t overwork the little one and leave too little time for fun.
    Think it was the fun times we recalled as kids that we now chat with our parents about… certainly not the homework or enrichment classes…

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