Social issues

Has democracy hit a road bump (or maybe a Mexican wall)?

Let me start by clarifying that I'm not into politics and I don't follow it closely other than the bare minimum required to have intelligent conversations. However, even to a political illiterate like me, it seems as if governments in certain countries have become less and less effective. America, supposedly the poster child of democracy… Continue reading Has democracy hit a road bump (or maybe a Mexican wall)?


New Year’s Resolutions

We're in the third week of 2018 and I've finally managed to put together my new year's resolutions. I'm going to put it in writing here so that I can remind myself and commit to it. Here's a to-do list/wish list for the year ahead: Be more patient and accepting of the people close to… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions

Personal interests

My favourite books in 2017

Happy new year all! Sorry for the delay, been busy going on holidays and doing nothing much at all. One thing that I managed to do more of in 2017 was reading and hopefully this will continue in 2018. With the little one a bit more independent, I can now squeeze in some reading time… Continue reading My favourite books in 2017


Autumn colours

I just got back from a trip to Kyoto which coincided with the peak of the autumn colours. It was SO beautiful, I would say that autumn colours are better than cherry blossom season because of the vibrant colours. If you ever get a chance, head out there in mid to late November.


Time to say goodbye

I'm so sorry for being MIA in the past couple of months - things have been pretty crazy at work, with travel, overseas visitors and deadlines. So I haven't had the chance to blog and I've really missed it. Today, I'd like to talk about relationships. Human interaction and relationships are very complicated and I'm certainly… Continue reading Time to say goodbye